Airbus A350 Customer Definition Center

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In the Customer Definition Center at the Airbus factory in Hamburg, Germany, airline customers specify the complete interior design of the plane during a two-week process – from the carpeting to the seats to the lighting scenario. We created the concept for a digital demonstrator, in the form of an app, for the GuideU® floor path marking system.

Airbus / Lufthansa Technik AG

Project period:
4 months

Target medium:

Team members:

Airbus A350 CDC Door

The challenge

The topic of floor path lighting in planes is a very relevant one when it comes to safety – and we had the difficult task of staging this in a digital and playful way. Together with the manufacturer of the product and the Airbus CDC team, we developed an easy-to-use app that allows the customer to try out various lighting strips in a virtual cabin interior.

Airbus A350 Customer Definition Center

Lights out, please

The main characteristic of the product displayed – the lighting function in the dark – is what we showcased as a playful feature in the app. Regardless of the various perspectives or selected product characteristics, the light can be virtually turned off at all times in the app. This means the key function of the phosphorescent strips can be easily demonstrated even without an elaborate dark chamber.

User experience design

Over weeks and in many iterations, we developed a simple, entertaining and yet effective user experience, which was a true challenge due to the high technical complexity of the product displayed.

First, we worked with low-fi click dummies and tested these with the client and two developers. Then, in the next step, the final user interface design was firmly fixed.

At the same time, we produced elaborate 3D visualizations. They were automatically transformed into hundreds of small assets using a special pipelining tool, with the aim to optimize performance.

GuideU Configurator an Steele

„This application set the de facto standard for other apps here in the Customer Definition Center.“


A350 Customer Definition Center
Airbus SE (Hamburg site)


Conceptualization and strategy
Content planning


UI / UX design
3D modeling and rendering


HTML5 (Angular.JS)

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