Support for the Lufthansa Technik sales team

A350 app and microsite

To support the marketing and sales activities of Lufthansa Technik AG, we developed a responsive HTML5 application that works without an operating system, as well as a pool of exciting interactive content.

Lufthansa Technik AG

Project period:
6 months

Target medium:

Team members:

The challenge

Presenting technological topics such as maintenance in an emotional, innovative and casual way was the main task of the A350 working group at Lufthansa Technik. There were not any photos yet of the A350 at the start of the project. And when it came to content in general, the fundamental work was still in full swing. On top of this, the timeline of six months was quite sporty.

The solution: 

Simply render it!

An essential part of the concept we developed was impressive and emotional images that could transport the technology leadership of Lufthansa Technik. Over the course of the project, a complete 3D model of an A350 was generated on the computer, given texture and staged in various environments, also using computer-generated imagery. Our 3D specialist designed a maintenance hall, including realistic heterogeneous lighting – in other words, a mix of artificial ceiling lighting and daylight falling through the hall’s doors. To keep the deadline, work on the UI/UX design took place at the same time, along with the initial development of the software architecture.

A350 Rendering
A350 Rendering
A350 Rendering
A350 Website

Web, iOS, Android – and all of it on various devices

To satisfy the requirements of the cross-device strategy, we reviewed various technological solutions and finally chose the AngularJS framework as the basis for our own development. This enabled us to cater to all the required end devices and, in addition, build the application to feature a responsive design. Be convinced yourself by the results:

A350 Website Desktop und Tablet Vorschau Homepage

User experience design

Our concept put a special emphasis on the user interface. Numerous fast design rounds and reviews resulted in an elegant and very lean UX design. It offers the user various navigation options: from simple swiping on tablets to traditional menu navigation for PCs.

„We were convinced by the innovative ideas, a very client-centric approach and the bundled competence in a small team.“

Jan-Alexander Otto

Project Manager „A350 Marketing“
Lufthansa Technik AG

A350 Website Vorschau Airline Support Seite


Conceptualization and strategy
Content planning


UI / UX design
3D modeling and rendering


HTML5 (Angular.JS)

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