AR 3D Modeling

Building a 3D Model in Augmented Reality

Design process



A usual workflow for 3D modelling involves some sort of graphics tablet and 3D software. The graphics tablet and screen are the virtual-to-human interfaces that allow users to interact with the digital world. However, these interfaces are far from ideal.

AR goggles could provide an interface that allow to work on 3D models in actual 3D by projecting the objects into the room and providing virtual sculpting and editing tools.


AR technology is obviously predestined for visualization applications. When working on three-dimensional objects in 2D, there is an obvious barrier between what can be perceived and the actual result. That makes the creation process unnecessarily hard and entry for newbies unnecessarily difficult. An AR approach could solve that problem, enabling more people to get into 3D design and making the team’s workflows more efficient.

AR can especially shine with in situ virtualization that would display your work where it will end up being used.


The room into which 3D work is projected could become a source of distraction. You might not always want to see your desk or the windows in the background. In those cases, VR could potentially be a better solution. It would allow for work in an actual 3D environment without any outside distractions. However, you would lose the in situ virtualization abilities.

Take Away

So, depending on the task and how the workspace looks, AR or VR might be the right thing for 3D design needs. But one of them will definitely improve the workflow - or maybe even a combination. At the moment, the solutions are still quite expensive or still in development, but because of the drastic advances in technology, they will become more affordable soon.


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Check out this model of a neat sneaker for a virtual try-on app. Head over to the project page to find out more about our work.

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