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Augmented Reality 3D Preview on Jack Daniels bottle

Customer experience



When looking at, for example, a movie poster or shoebox, AR goggles or a smartphone could show customers a 3D preview of the product.

They wouldn’t even need to open the box, the shoes would appear right in front of them. Or a poster could be brought to life with 3D animations.


Companies can benefit from interactivity, increased user engagement and better visualization which leads to more informed purchases and therefore happier customers.

3D previews offer the ability to enhance the user experience and add more value to a product. In stores customers may have fewer questions about products or don’t feel the need to unpack them. 3D previews could also have a huge marketing potential since customers would post their experience to social media.


3D rendering is quite a process and with every product one would need to question if the investment makes sense. Also, 3D preview would actually need to add a real value, or it would leave customers unimpressed. The Worst case, it could have a negative effect.

Take away

So, useful or not? As previously mentioned, the direct implementation in retail situations and possible social media interactions make this an incredibly powerful marketing tool. But there is always the question if the benefit outweighs the cost.


Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels had an AR app experience built, that allows people to scan the label on a bottle of whisky for some Augmented Reality animations.

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