AR Anatomy Model

Looking at a virtual Anatomy Model through AR-Goggles



A dedicated system, possibly in app form, would ‘project’ a three-dimensional anatomy model into the room, allowing for it to be explored, and taken apart virtually. The system could give information right next to the body parts, display animations of, for example, blood flow and offer adjustable parameters like heart rate. Anatomy models could even be displayed on a persons body to make the experience even more real.


Any situation, where anatomy is being taught can benefit from this. Because of the interactivity AR offers, it helps visualize and understand the body and its processes. That is of course also supported by animations and adjustable parameters, so different situations can be simulated and effects be observed immediately. For education purposes or possibly even in certain medical situations, such an anatomy model could be projected onto a person, visualizing the approximate locations of the different body parts.


Especially in medical situations, however, the tech behind the system would need to be very advanced and near perfect. At the moment, the detection of objects is very much possible but not super exact. On top of that, people are so different from each other, that detecting and then overlaying the model correctly becomes very hard.

Take Away

These anatomy models are a great tool for visualizing, explaining, and understanding the human body and its processes. However, for serious medical applications, the technology is simply not advanced enough yet.



An interactive plaform for Augmented Reality 3D models of the human body for education. 

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