Augmented Reality Architecture

Building being previewed to a customer through an AR App

Design process


Planing buildings can be quite complex. It usually involves many experts and each of them create their own plan. AR could help to put it all together in a way that is easy to comprehend. It could prevent many problems in the construction process.


Visualization is one of the general strengths of AR technology. Architects can present their work to clients, as well as other planners involved in the process. Others could experience the future building in full-scale and in context of the surroundings. This technology is especially valuable if every planner is included. It wouldn’t be the first time that an electrical planner plans a wire straight through an elevator or through an open space. Such errors would be apparent in AR. This could result in huge savings thanks to early error detection.


Different service providers use different software for planning. It could be difficult to merge all the data in a common form and software. There is also the question of cost versus benefit. It would probably only make sense for very big projects where errors could cost millions.

Take away

To get the full benefit of this idea the technology is probably not developed far enough. But there are already realistic use cases for architects.



The smartphone app ARki allows users to preview their 3D architecural models in 3D space.

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