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AR Business Card through mobile application



Are business cards dead? Yes, they are - but augmented reality could revive them!

They could be brought to life with animated 3D models, fun text animations, interactivity and audio. And even social media links and content could be integrated.


Business cards were once powerful, stylish and easy-to-use personal marketing tools. But since everyone has a website nowadays, they have become obsolete.

By increasing user engagement and making the cards more interesting again, this simple but effective marketing tool could be brought back to life. A business card is handed over quickly and effortlessly. And other than referring to your website, a business card can actually remind a possible client at a later moment.


What’s problematic as of right now is the actual implementation. Business cards are so great because their use is absolutely effortless - for both parties. Having to open an app on the phone just to check a business card totally defeats its purpose. The card would have to be designed for both usages - with and without AR. Also, this could lose its novelty pretty quickly.

Take Away

AR business cards are “still” futuristic. However, one would have to start using them as soon as possible. Right now this is still new and exciting and could actually have a great effect.

And hey, wouldn’t it be great to get this sleek, powerful and easy-to-use marketing tool back?



Poplar offers Augmented Reality Business Cards via their platform. Images, videos and other assets can be uploaded and the card can be user-customized.

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Augmentop offers lots of different kinds of AR Print Media, including AR Business Cards.

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