AR Car Design

Design process



Cars usually have very dynamic and sleek silhouettes. The design of that in 2D can be quite challenging. AR goggles could help with that by allowing designers to use gestures and digital tools to sculpt and design the model in 3D. If co-workers have AR goggles as well, they can view the work in real-time, annotate in three dimensions, and work alongside with the designer.


AR could make designing much more real since work happens right in three dimensions. This is especially helpful for such creative processes like designing a car.

Presenting design work to a supervisor becomes extremely easy. Once everyone wears AR goggles, with just the click of a virtual button, the model appears on the meeting table.


Designing with in AR and 3D certainly isn’t for everyone. Especially designers who didn’t grow up in a digital work could see more of a hurdle than a solution.

Also, the technology has to be top-notch or there is a danger that it is going to be used as nothing more than a nice little gadget to play around.

Take away

The option is great, depending on the designer and their team. AR car design can be useful and make things easier or just involve unnecessary training. However, if it fits the workflow a system like this could make the process quicker and a lot more rewarding.


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