Car Parking with Augmented Reality

Users finding their cars with the help of Augmented Reality

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Augmented reality technology has the ability to scan and track a users surroundings and create three-dimensional objects. That can be used to find parked cars. An app could lead the user back to their car.


Parking lots in cities, malls or theme parks are getting bigger and bigger. It is no surprise that some people can’t find their cars. An AR app could put an end to this problem.


Obviously, it is a legitimate question to ask, if people who forget where their car is parked, would remember to start the app before leaving the car. Also, is it really such a big problem in general? 

Take away

Simple concept, straight forward solution, and pretty comfortable integration into a users life through the smartphone they already use. This idea shows just how simple great solutions with AR can be.


Find Your Car with AR

AugmentedWorks has built an app that helps anyone find their car quickly and easily with AR.

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