AR Car Race

Racing your Car with Augmented Reality Goggles




When does the average person get a chance to drive a race car on track? Not particularly often. Mixed reality could change that. While sitting in a car, AR goggles could project race stats, opponents, landscapes, and so on in front of you. Special seats, headrests, and steering wheels could add to the race-driving experience.


Well, you aren’t driving a real race so the safety concerns of that are eliminated. Apart from that, people that normally don’t drive racetracks and don’t own a racecar get access to that experience.


Obviously, these systems should be strictly prohibited in everyday traffic as they prove a serious threat to everyone on the street. There they would encourage illegal street races and lead to more accidents. So, they should not be built for use in a real car.

What to Take Away

AR car races are a fun idea and when used properly and responsibly, they can be really fun toys for both young and old. Just make sure not to take them on the street for real.


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