Chemistry with Augmented Reality

Molecule being displayed with the help of AR technology



Molecules, especially when they get big and complex, can be hard to imagine and visualize. Mostly in educational applications, apps could be used to display theoretic atom-structures in 3D, right next to the bunsen burner.


Visualization is a major strength of augmented reality technology. AR app could visualize what a 2D worksheet just can’t get across. But a whole range industries could benefit from this as well. After all, they need visualizations too. Especially when dealing with big and intricate structures.


Schools would probably need additional funding to purchase needed hardware, which could be a problem. For companies, there is also a legitimate question if AR would present an additional step between development and the actual product.

Take away

AR apps for visualizing chemistry will make their way into classrooms all over the world, there is no doubt. The benefits are overwhelming, the question would be funding in regions less fortunate. Different industries will find use for AR and chemistry as well.


MagicLeap Molecule Builder

Apart from just visualization, MagicLeap's Molecule Builder allows you to form molecules yourself. All in 3D with the help of AR.

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