AR Children's Books



All sorts of print media can get AR functionality through apps or goggles. This obviously includes books, magazines, and everything else text-related that is marketed towards children. Images in books could get explained, 3D graphics could be displayed, the characters of the story be brought to life with 3D animations right on the pages.


Because children are sometimes hard to motivate and easily distracted from reading, people have come up with solutions to make it more fun and rewarding for them. Gamifying the reading experience greatly helps motivate the children and keeps them at it for longer.


While most kids love digital education and digital media in general, that might be just what parents try to avoid by giving them books. Reading a book is a cultural technique that, just like anything else, has to be learned. And it is questionable whether AR children’s books really teach that technique or rather replace it because of the digital content becoming more interesting than the book itself.

Take Away

Now, motivating children can be hard. But reading is and stays important and children need to learn the technique required to not only understand words but the content of the book. AR books are fun gimmicks that can, no doubt, be used as entertainment, but that should not replace a regular book.


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