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Tourism offers endless possibilities for augmented reality apps. It could no doubt be an interesting way to explore a new city. It could show information and play videos, it could display pre-programmed sightseeing routes or let tourists set a destination, and it will create a sightseeing route that leads there.


Sightseeing could become more attractive and especially appealing to younger people. AR tours are also available at any time. An AR travel guide could be beneficial for cities, landmarks, and other places.


These apps could become a threat to city guides, that wouldn’t get booked any more as they would no longer be needed. Furthermore, many cities regulate guided tours for tourists - could there be a source of conflict?

Take away

Augmented Reality city guides can make for a fun, interactive and flexible way of sightseeing. Especially, the flexibility they offer is attractive to all sorts of tourists.




The app 1trip2 mainly provides features for trip planning and navigation in selected cities.

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CityGuideTour is an app that provides tourists with interesting and important information on sights in AR.

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The app CityGuyd provides users with a virtual guide that appears in AR next to the sights and talk about them on demand.

Read More is a local city tour through Vienna that allows visitors to explore the city's history via Augmented Reality.

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