Combined AR and VR for Training

AR technology is being used in an industry application




Augmented reality can be used for training and onboarding and so can virtual reality (VR). Both work slightly different - so why not make use of that and combine them to get the best of both worlds?

Fully virtual and simulation-based training through VR would be followed by AR training in corresponding real-life situations.


This would ensure that the trainee gets the best possible preparation for his job. All the while companies can save on time and money because no instructors are needed. Training is quicker and more effective. In addition, the trainee can get to the actual work faster and due to better training, be safer. It could be especially beneficial for training with very expensive machinery - errors would not end in huge costs.


While the costs for the required equipment have gotten quite manageable lately, the same can't really be said about the rest of the preparation that’s needed. By using both AR and VR, you basically double that required development. 3D models have to be made, whole environments need to be created and courses need to be narrated, annotated and so on.

Take away

This could be the perfect solution for companies working with highly complex and expensive machinery or equipment. Although the development of apps could cost a lot, the benefit could be much more significant.

All in all, AR-VR-Training offers the best of both worlds and provides a strong basis for perfect employee training and onboarding.


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