Augmented Reality Construction

The assessment of a construction site using AR technology




Just like manufacturing, construction work can benefit from mixed reality technology. A dedicated pair of AR goggles could show workers a 3D model of what they are building. This could make work more efficient and safe.


Clearer and non-conflicting instructions that are equal for everyone make work easier, faster and more cost-effective. Another positive thing is that the 3D models could be kept remotely. That allows for centralized updates to the plans for everyone. So in case something happens, just update the plans once and every worker will get a new copy instantly. It could also make work safer by adding important safety information.


However, construction work constantly has to deal with problems that only appear once workers are on-site. Frequently, things are different in real life than they are on plans. If only one measurement has to change, the whole 3D model might not be that useful anymore. Though that could be solved by the centralized storage of the model as mentioned earlier.

Take Away

If a team has the ability to adapt to such a system, they could work much more efficiently. There is some effort involved in creating, annotating and uploading the models, however in comparison to the benefits that is very much acceptable.



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