Augmented Reality Design

Design process



A big part of the design process is visualization. AR could assist in the design process both by visualizing objects in 3D, rather than in 2D on a computer monitor and by applying AR 3D modelling techniques. It is also the perfect tool for presentations.


The perhaps strongest benefit is a better and more efficient workflow. With better visualization and better 3D design tools, designers could work more efficient and therefore costs will shrink. Since designing is often a collaborative effort these days, especially intermediate checks between workers and teams are important. They can get speeded up drastically through AR solutions.


For some designers a more traditional hands-on design approach is desirable in certain situations. However, AR (and VR for that matter) don’t necessarily try to replace that. 

Also, the costs for rolling out such a system to an entire design department can be significant.

Take away

If the workflow is already digital, AR could prove to be a very valuable solution for design teams. It’s important to pay attention to not only the upfront costs but also what may go into maintenance and employee training. With newer technical advancements, however, things are getting more and more affordable.


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