AR Disease Simulation



It’s hard to imagine what it’s like to have a specific disease, right? AR can help! 

Augmented reality glasses can be used to simulate eye-diseases and their symptoms. That way, people can experience the symptoms for themselves.


The benefits of this are twofold. For one, it could be used to train doctors and educate the public about eye diseases that are hard to imagine. People that already suffer from a disease but have not yet been diagnosed can also benefit from the technology. The specific effects can be simulated to the patient, so they can tell what corresponds to their symptoms. That leads to faster and more accurate diagnoses. 


Since the technology is only available for a very specific problem, the investment is probably not feasible for most doctors. Developers either must find ways to make the tech more affordable or add more features to make it more interesting for doctors and clinics.

What to Take Away

Simulated diseases in doctor’s offices are very useful. And the application in fields other than eye-disease is definitely possible. Further advancements in technology and medical AR will drive the progress that is made with disease simulations as well. 


Open VisSim

Research Papers

Two research paper proposing possible usages and applications of such systems.

“Degraded Reality”

Open VisSim


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