Employee Onboarding with AR



Augmented reality could be used for employee onboarding. Especially companies with huge facilities or complex processes could benefit from this technology. They could, for example, provide real-time feedback and guidance, help with navigation and communication.


Big or strongly growing companies could save lots of time and money by extending their onboarding process with augmented reality features. There will be less need for instructional personnel and the employee can start working much faster.

AR onboarding could be implemented with both smartphones and AR goggles. So, no need for expensive technology that isn’t already widely available.


This technology will probably only be economical for more traditional manufacturing businesses where employees need to get familiar will different facilities and machines. It most likely wouldn’t make sense for any office environment.

Take away

There isn’t an approach that suits all industries. But many could probably benefit quite a lot from such a system. Both in terms of money and time.


An article by Blippar

In this article, a Blippar employee shows, how AR is being used for employee onboarding there.

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