Festivals and Concerts with AR



Events like festivals and concerts could be made more accessible and exciting through the use of AR technology. It could also help to add more interactive features for the audience.


The ways festivals and concerts could benefit from AR are endless. Not only could live shows be augmented but thanks to AR even people who aren’t physically there could enjoy the show from up close. AR goggles could be used to project the band right into the living room. Bands would appear three-dimensional and users could even move around and see the show from different angles.


Live concerts are as attractive and popular as they are, because of the experience. Seeing a live act is totally different from seeing the band on TV, the connection to the crowd is irreplaceable. Today’s technology is simply not yet able to bring that same feeling across.

And of course, it’s a lot of work to make a band’s live act appear in 3D on the mobile phones or tablets of the viewers.

Take Away

Live concerts and festivals are about the experience, they can’t really be replaced satisfyingly but could be augmented positively. However, an AR approach is certainly more immersive than a simple video recording.


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