Augmented Reality Fitness

Fitness being made accesible via smartphone by AR

Customer experience


A great part of our physical well-being: fitness. Almost everyone at some point had the goal to be more active, go to the gym, to exercise. An app could ‘project’ checkpoints and obstacles onto your running path or help you perform your exercises correctly with digital 3D examples.


Motivation can be a problem for physical activities. AR apps could gamify the experience and thereby make it more appealing and fun to exercise. Fitness programs with augmented reality could also be much cheaper than a gym membership.


Challenges are very application-based. For an AR running app, for example, one would need to make sure that the obstacles and goals aren’t in unreachable locations, such as on private property or inside buildings. Overall, working with the real world without knowing exactly where the app will be used creates a strong need for very robust app design.

Take away

Well, unless the approach is not thought through, AR fitness apps could be very helpful in motivating the user to go and do something for their health. Gamification would probably be driving force of such an app.


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