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Augmented Reality helping customers in restaurants

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Augmented reality can help the food industry, and it’s customers just as much as it can any other industry. Realistic 3D food that gets “placed” in the real world through AR software could revolutionize Menus. Both in restaurants and for home delivery.


Especially restaurants that carefully design their food can benefit a lot from an AR menu. But in general people want to know what they order, even if the food doesn’t look like art. This system can easily be integrated into Snapchat or Instagram filters, presenting a great opportunity for social media marketing.


What could hinder the otherwise great user-experience might be the download of a separate app. Customers rarely want to go out of their way to download an app just for one order.

What to Take Away

Restaurant owners who can integrate this technology right now will definitely benefit from free marketing, no question. People will share their experience through social media but only until it is common. The technology is absolutely ready for this and development should not be too expensive. There are already a couple of companies offering services like that to restaurants.



QReal is an AR agency that partly specializes in realistic 3D depictions of food.

Lobster Mac&Cheese Instagram AR

Bareburger AR Experience via Snapchat

Snapchat AR Menu

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