AR Gardening


Customer experience

Private users as well as professionals could use an AR app to help them find the right plants and their perfect placement. Users could virtually place plants in their garden, shift them around, change the pots, etc. Or the app could be used to identify plants they come across. It could then place virtual garden stakes that get saved on their account.


Customers could find the best ideas to create beautiful spaces in their garden. They could also receive information about specific plants and on how to maintain them.

Retailers could benefit from such an app too. Customers could see how a specific plant would look in their garden and order them right away.


Challenges could be less technical but data-specific. Developers would need to decide which plants are included in the app. A local approach would probably be the only possibility since there are millions of plants in the world. User experience would also be highly important especially for professional usage.

Take away

Obviously, this approach is great for marketing purposes. Mostly because it provides a way to present products to happy customers who can benefit from the app. Developing an app could be costly, but a big retailer could profit immensely.


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