AR Geo-Information-System


Most people use maps on their phones almost daily. When driving, finding a restaurant, taking a walk, etc. And while smartphones have made that much more efficient, there is still room for improvement. Space that could be filled by AR technology.

Augmented reality could make displaying geo-information much more intuitive and attractive.


Geo-information systems could make use of AR’s core strengths, visualization and presentation of information. These AR-GIS-technologies make maps more interactive, information more accessible and therefore searches quicker.


Apps would need to be highly intuitive to convince potential users since existing apps without AR already work quite well. There is a risk that users will only see it as a fun gimmick but will not use it long-term. It may be too early for such a product.

Take away

While certainly interesting and definitely useful, in order to see this being used regularly, AR probably have to become more widespread. How long it will take? Nobody knows but it won’t be long.


Do you know of any such apps or even casestudies?

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