AR Golf



Like with a lot of other sports, golf provides a perfect opportunity for AR enhancement. Track information, distances, hole locations, wind speeds, and so much more could be displayed through an app or, even better, AR goggles.


An app could make certain information more accessible and therefore increase the time spend actually playing. It makes golf more interesting to new, currently unskilled players. 

A system like this would set the focus more on the actual game and less on preparation.


The availability of AR goggles is a problem since the benefits can only shine if players can use AR effortlessly. Using an app on the phone would only be a solution for half of the challenges golfers face.

Take Away

Golf is probably one of the most obvious sports for the use of augmented reality technology since there is no quick camera movement and tracking is easy.


Hole19 AR Feature

Golfscape AR


VGolf is a smartphone app made for golf training. It displays important information such as wind speeds and distances.

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