Live Interactive Filters with Augmented Reality

Game being played with an AR live interactive filter


Live Interactive Filters can 'project' funny hats, lipstick, and other gimmicks onto the face when looking into a selfie camera. Usually combined with markerless (face) tracking, these filters can even react to facial expressions and other predefined motions.


Without Augmented Reality, these filters would be boring or plain impossible. AR is what makes them attractive and interesting. Only because of the interactivity and the connection to the user, these filters have such great marketing potential. They provide a very accessible way of integrating all kinds of campaigns into the everyday life of customers.


The most common challenges are connected to devices. The increasing but still comparatively low processing power of smartphones makes very complex campaigns harder. And not everyone has the newest generation of mobile devices. On the other hand, a lot can be done with very lightweight filters and even simple approaches can go a really long way.

Take Away

While certainly not the platform for the next game, Interactive Filters offer great possibilities for marketing and big existing user-bases. And they provide access to the customer's most used tech-device: smartphones.


Tutorials for Simple AR-Filter Creation


Snapchat is one of the market leaders when it comes to Augmented Reality Filters and real-time face tracking gimmicks.

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Like many others, Instagram has lately implemented such technologies into their "stories".

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