Live Product Customization with AR

Customer experience


Customers can personalize and review the product they are about to buy before making the purchase. Through interactive apps or webpages, customers can 'project' it into their room. The app then enables them to adjust color schemes, select extra and features.


For one, vendors don't need to keep as much stock of different product variants at a time, reducing storage costs and increasing storage capacity. They can also ensure that the customers get exactly what they want by removing the discrepancy between image and real-life.

Apart from that, products and the buying process associated with them seem more user-based because of interactivity.


However, it can be challenging to cram a product into the rigid categories of a customizing-program. In situations where the buying process involves or greatly benefits from personal consultation, this approach can become problematic. But these issues can probably be solved by using new technologies like AI consulting or by combining the system with in-store retail.

Live product customization can be expensive and must therefore be used for specific products where the benefit is the greatest. It wouldn’t make sense for a very cheap product or a product that is only slightly customizable.

Take away

Allowing the client to customize products is a valuable strategy for every one that sells on the internet. Furthermore, this technique can also improve in-store sales when combined with traditional methods.



Rooom ofers a platform for custom product customization solutions.

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Expivi provides an Augmented Reality product configurator that allows users to view and customize ind 3D.

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Simply Augmented

Simply Augmented has developed software that also allows implementation of such software in web applications.

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