AR Measuring Tape

Convenient taking of measurements through an AR app


By virtually tracking the room and mapping it out in 3D space, virtual measurements can be taken. The user defines two points in space and the AR app calculates the distance.


This is a measuring tape that is always in the users pocket since it is a smartphone app. It also enables users to measure longer distances or complex shapes. 


The tracking and therefore the measurements can’t necessarily be called extremely exact. The technology is probably not suitable for every situation.

Take away

Measuring with augmented reality certainly is a feature that will be widespread in the near future. People will be measuring their apartment before going to Ikea. Even professionals like an electrician could use it to get a very good estimate of how much wire they need.

Examples is an AR smartphone app that, apart from measuring distances, also allows for room measurements and offers a digital level.

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AirMeasure is an app that allows simple and quick measurements via AR.

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MeasureKit is an app that offers lots of different ways of measuring in Augmented Reality.

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