Augmented Reality Museum Guide

An Augmented Reality art installation that benefits from the technology

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Audio guides in museums are boring as hell! It is certainly time for a big change. Augmented reality could provide a way to visualize aspects audio guides just can’t provide.


AR guides for museums offer a possibility for interesting and interactive museum tours that can be made suitable for visitors of all ages. Those tours could actually become enlightening, easy to understand, and effective in conveying information. Also, other than audio tours, visitors could just check out the parts of the museum they are interested in since navigation with AR is much easier.


In order not to become annoying, the controls would need to be very intuitive and simple. There is also the question of “when is it too much technology?”. There is probably a big part of visitors who actually want to get away from digital inputs.

Take away

AR museum tours are a fun and attractive way to guide the audience through an exhibition. Apps wouldn’t necessarily have to be developed by the museum. There maybe is a market for a start-up to create apps for different museums.



An app that can do lots of things, including AR Guided Tours and functionality that can be useful for interactive artwork.

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