Nautical Navigation with AR

A ship is being steered with AR control systems



According to three Korean researchers, Jaeyong OH, Sekil Park and Oh-Seok Kwon, the technology used to navigate ships is in dire need of change. And their research presents Augmented Reality as a possible approach.

AR would provide a new way of displaying, organizing and interacting with the given information through 3D graphics, animations, etc.


According to Park, OH and Kwon, many Marine accidents happen because of human error. Those can be caused by poor presentation of information that overwhelms and confuses people rather than help.

And due to a more intuitive, natural and more organized display of information, augmented reality has the potential to drastically increase safety on board.


New technology is always challenging on ships. Integrating new technology can be dangerous since errors on ships can lead to catastrophic outcomes. Being on a ship also means that there is no technical help near the user, meaning, the technology needs to be as reliable as possible.

Take away

Slowly but surely, augmented reality will find its way into the industry. People will get used to the technology, both on land and on open seas.


Raymarine’s approach

Raymarine is one of the leader when it comes to marine navigation. Now they are making advances in AR technology.

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Furono has developed an AR navigation system for ships. They also touch up on possible military application.

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Korean Research Paper

The Korean research paper that we talked about. They propose a possible approach to AR Nautical Navigation.

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