AR On-Site Maintenance

The industry maintenance of an engine using Augmented reality technology



When workers arrive at a location for a maintenance job, they first have to assess and understand the problem. An AR app that references a company database could provide useful information, notes and reports from previous jobs and already made assessments.


3D features would make an AR app especially useful. Notes and manufacture information could show up right on a machine - at the exact spot a problem is appearing. This makes understanding previously done work easier. By annotating and describing the work that has been done, future jobs get speeded up which is beneficial for any company.

This technology also makes it possible for less experienced workers to do maintenance jobs or fix problems.

One could also imagine such apps in the hands of end-users. Customers could be able to maintain their products by themselves.


A big challenge could be the end-user. Using the technology is crucial. Such a system is only really helpful when everyone provides information and data. Only if every employee uploads reports and notes, others can benefit from the system.

In the case of usage for customers the question would be, if they are able to use the technology efficiently.

Take away

AR technology is already being used by big companies for maintenance. No doubt that we will see even more of it in the future.





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