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Augmented Reality Wine Bottle that display important information


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Supermarkets and other big stores will certainly look into AR in the near future to find out how they can add value to their shoppers. But manufacturer, wholesaler or distributors could be way ahead by adding augmented reality to their packaging. The marketing potential is huge.


There are mainly two benefits to packaging with AR. One being the marketing effect. Not only would products stand out but there is an additional chance of going viral. Also, the manufacturer could add an unlimited amount of further information to their packaging which is obviously helpful to the customer.


The viral marketing effect of packaging with augmented reality will not last forever. Manufacturers would need to get into the game now to really benefit. There is also the risk of creating something without a real goal. The result could be the opposite of what was desired. There could be a future in which stores don’t allow AR packaging since they want to control that space as well.

Take Away

Extending product packaging through augmented reality has great potential for manufacturers and distributors. And, right now, the space is still wide open for everyone to get in and benefit.


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