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A speaker utilizes AR technology for visualization



Presentations are held every day in schools, conferences, etc. to inform, entertain and convince. There are AR solutions that could drastically change the way we experience presentations.

A camera films the speaker and gathers motion-tracking information that can then be used for all sorts of different things. The whole presentation could be controlled with gestures that could trigger animations, pull up charts, change graphs, and so much more.


Perhaps the most important part of every presentation is its ability to catch and keep the audience’s interest. An AR approach could definitely help with that. The transitions between topics and graphics would feel refreshingly natural and spark interest. When the presenter can literally interact with the graphics with his hands, the audience feels much more involved.


However, that interest that is being sparked is also part of the biggest problem with such an approach. Animations, gestures, etc, can be very distracting, partly due to the fact that the technology is still so new to the audience.

Also, unless everyone wears AR glasses, all the animations and effects have to be shown on a separate display. This would defy the purpose.

Take away

In conclusion, everyone in the audience has to wear AR goggles for this to be useful. Otherwise, all the benefits go right out the window.

But the idea is still a very interesting and certainly useful one. And while we wait for the appropriate technology to become widespread, we might just use a simpler approach. Just using the motion tracking for gesture control of a regular slideshow.


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