AR Real-Time Quality Checks

A worker utilizing AR for quality checks and safety



Wherever humans work, mistakes happen. AR provides a possible solution to that problem.

Quality control could be done in real-time by a supervisor or even by an AI. AR goggles would either provide visual reference by overlaying the workpiece with 3D models or let AI do the comparison in the background.


Quality control is just one more step in a manufacturing process that takes up valuable time, labor and money. So naturally, companies strive to optimize. AR provides a solution.

Quality control could happen in real-time through a supervisor who doesn’t have to be on site. For less complex tasks even an AI could probably be used. Some work could be made safer.


Quality control is what ensures product safety which is extremely important. Both for the customer and for the company’s reputation. Therefore, errors are not acceptable - apps need to be 100 percent reliable which leads to higher investments in development and testing.

Take away

Augmented reality can be the perfect tool to optimize quality control. However, resource-saving should at no time be the main focus when it comes to quality and safety. With that in mind, AR could definitely revolutionize the process.


Frauenhofer AR Quality Checks

The Frauenhofer Institute for computer Graphics published an article about a device that assists workers to ensure good quality work.

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