AR in Sales

A product being visualised through AR as a 3D model


Customer experience

Companies can drive sales by using AR technologies to demonstrate their products. Augmented reality offers solutions to present products as a textured 3D Model. A dedicated app, for example, would reference a remote library of a company’s models, and then virtually place them in the room. It’s also possible to play animations, showing off a product in movement or give insight into how it works.


AR sales solutions are valuable because the customer gets to experience the product and see it in action before buying. All while being in the comfort of their home or office. That is especially handy when selling products customers aren’t familiar with. It can also be used to educate customers about a product.

Companies can probably expect higher conversion and lower return rates, since the customer can make a more informed purchase decision. And user engagement will increase because of the gamified shopping experience.


Augmented reality is probably not the perfect solution for every product category. Testing will be necessary. Product-size for example could present a real issue.

Take away

Augmented reality in sales can add lots of value for the right kind of product. Companies really have to investigate and test before investing in this technology. But there is no doubt that AR can have huge benefits for marketing right now. The technology is new and fun which can easily lead to free advertising through customers and media alike.



Shopify’s AR feature

Shopify recently added Augmented Reality functionality to the easy-to-use online shops they offer.

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