Simulations with Augmented Reality

Real-Time fluid simulation with AR


When trying to analyze the behavior of smoke or fluids in, for example, a room, simulations are an obvious tool for the job. AR Simulations could detect important features of the room such as walls, windows, doors, etc., then simulate on the fly in the app taking them into consideration. You could move the camera around and see the simulation progress throughout the room.


Augmented reality would allow saving on 3D modelling the room, which takes time and is costly. The system is also extremely flexible, not bound to one specific room. If a simulation has been set up once, it can be used in multiple different rooms with ease.


Realistic simulations can be quite processor-intensive. Therefor a standard smartphone would probably not be capable to do the job. Especially the simulations that are industry-relevant could present a problem. That could be solved by a cloud-based approach that would outsource the calculations to a server that would then send the relevant data to the phone.

Take away

While not the most devised technology yet, AR simulations once again show the potential Augmented Reality offers for industry-applications. With a bit more development and perhaps some progress in hardware technology, augmented reality simulations might soon not be so futuristic anymore.


Fluid Simulation Video

Real-Time Physics Simulator

A research paper about a system that is to assist physics eductaion with accurate simulations in AR.

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