Augmented Reality Social Media

Social interaction through AR technology



Social Media is almost like a parallel universe next to our reality. AR can build the bridge and connect the two worlds.

Apps or goggles could help share things from our real-life on social media, for example with interactive markers.


Companies could benefit since AR in social media is a phenomenal way of increasing user engagement and bringing interactivity to products.

Benefits for marketing in general are endless. Imagine allowing customers to share their meal on social media without needing to pull out a phone. Or virtually projecting the social media feed of a company onto the product.


Privacy could be one of the biggest challenges. More and more of our private life gets published online, we become more and more transparent. Merging the two worlds even more into one another, is certainly not helping. The most dangerous part about that is the subliminality of the process. 

Take away

As long as special attention is paid to user privacy, marketing could really benefit from this technology. Especially the high user engagement and the indirect access to user’s social media feeds provide great possibilities.


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