Surveillance with AR



Augmented reality can be utilized in video surveillance to identify individuals, buildings, vehicles, etc. and point the camera at specific objects. Real-life video footage of the camera gets overlapped with a 3D reconstruction of the Area in combination with GIS-data.


Security systems such as video surveillance are employed for safety reasons. AR can drastically improve that with recognition capabilities and improved interactivity. Augmented reality in surveillance has the ability to make work for security officers easier and safer.


In some countries privacy could present a challenge since augmented reality features in security can include facial recognition. The biggest concern is that the surveillance won’t just surveil the area but also gather additional information about the individuals and objects in its field of view.

What to Take Away

Some companies already offer surveillance cameras with augmented reality features but the market is still very much open. There is no doubt that AR will find its way into more and more industries, including security and surveillance.



Cortex offers surveillance systems such as cameras with AR functionality.

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