Tabletop Games with AR

Tabletop Game that benefits from the visualization capabilities of AR




Board games can be brought to life with, for example, a dedicated app that could detect moves, player positions, game status, etc. Information, animations, or suggested moves could be displayed right on the board. Another possibility would be a fully AR-based approach, that ‘projects’ the whole game for every player onto the table.


AR can make the typical board game become a lot more interesting through ever-changing animations, maybe recorded dialogues, and so on. It can help motivate the whole family to a game night. Especially for children, the integration of digital media can spark excitement.

Apart from that, it can also help bring adult friends together for a game. After all, board games (or tabletop games for that matter) aren’t just for children.


People might want to use a family game nights as a way to get away from all the digital media for once. Also, board games have a long tradition and disrupting the market could be challenging.

Take Away

Digital-analogue hybrid board games offer a very high fun-factor, especially for children. And not only that, but they can also be very attractive to adults.


Tilt Five

With Tilt Five, the entire game happens in AR. Unlike most other solutions, there is no real board, no real playing pieces.

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Board Boss

Board Boss is a smartphone app that claims to enhance existing board games with new features that just aren't possible without software.

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Research Paper

The paper "Augmented Reality for Board Games" by Austrian students explains an approach to augmenting a game of Monopoly.

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Interactive Game for Hessen Police

We've had the great pleasure of creating this fun game for "Polizei Hessen". Check out our other projects.

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