Augmented Reality User Manual

Building instructions are given by an AR App on a tablet


Customer experience

Reading instructions has got to be one of the worst things in life (for many people). Augmented reality could put an end to boring user manuals by offering interactive AR instructions right then and there.

Augmented reality could be the tool for future user manuals. 3D Graphics, interactive menus and charts, and much more can be realized with AR.


AR user manuals could help with simple tasks like putting together new furniture by detecting the right pieces and putting them in place digitally. But there could even be complex user manuals, for example to fix a common problem with a sawing machine or a toilet. Companies who implement this could reach greater customer satisfaction.


The biggest challenge would be to figure out for which product the investment would make sense. Another problem could be the fast changes in product design and development.

Take away

This technology represents a huge potential for developers. A start-up could create specific guides for machine maintenance. Users could pay for specific guides and therefore save a lot on service fees. But manufacturers could take back some business themselves by offering AR user manuals.



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