AR Viral Marketing



Augmented reality was already responsible for a whole series of viral videos on YouTube and other social media networks. But clever designed AR could spark many more viral campaigns, especially for big brands with big budgets.


Viral marketing has many benefits, but it is especially interesting since brands can reach millions of people with a very low budget. It also offers the possibility to communicate a very positive message to a young audience.


It can be hard to predict the efficiency of a “viral campaign”. In fact, there is no guarantee that any campaign even “goes viral” since this is in the hand of the users. There are certainly ways to force a campaign to go viral which, unfortunately, comes with its own risks.

Take away

Viral marketing is somewhat of the holy grail of online marketing. Technology is especially prone to work since people can easily be impressed by new gadgets and gimmicks. There is still time to create something with augmented reality that could go viral.


Star Wars Parade in AR

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