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Augmented Reality Preview of a Sneaker via Quick Look

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When buying, for example, glasses over the internet, a company might have developed an app that lets you try them on from the comfort of your bedroom. An image or 3D model of the glasses would be placed on your face in a camera view, allowing you to see the glasses on your face. That same technique is obviously applicable to all sorts of different situations and products - whatever you can imagine.


This solves one of the biggest problems with online shopping, which lies in the discrepancy between a 2D image and our 3D reality. How, say, glasses will look on you is hard to determine from just a picture. So, “Try It On”-Apps make the buying process faster and a lot more comfortable for the customer. They know exactly what they're getting, are more sure of their purchase decision, and more satisfied after buying. That way, you can save on expensive returns.


What presents a barrier here is the download of an app. When a customer just wants to buy a pair of glasses and virtually try them on, he might not want to spend the time and download a specific app. How often do you buy glasses anyway? That could for example be solved through certain AR sales platforms that would ‘centralize’ the process, only requiring one app-download for multiple online shops. However, that also makes the competition accessible right next to your company’s profile. Another solution is the emergence of new technologies and protocols such as WebXR.

Take Away

“Try It On” features can be very helpful to the user and also help promote your product effectively. But, special care and thought need to be put into the implementation since that decides whether people will actually use your app and whether you will benefit from it or not.



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