AR Warehouse Organisation

Employee navigating a warehouse with the help of an AR app



Augmented reality could be used in big warehouses for workers to find products and move them to the right place. AR technology used with goggles could improve efficiency in warehouses drastically.


A program with AI could calculate the fastest possible route within the warehouse considering all items that need to be picked up. That way, employees won’t have to walk as far, they always know exactly where to go, and therefore they will be much faster and more efficient.


What’s challenging is the position tracking of the items and employees. GPS might not be accurate enough. Another hurdle could be the size of every individual package. These are serious challenges in development, yet not unsolvable.

Also, employees might have privacy concerns as their positions would be constantly tracked during work.

Take away

This approach should be considered a solution to the problems of bigger companies, rather than something everyone with a warehouse should take on right now. There are no pre-made frameworks or ready-made solutions for companies out there yet. This would mean a serious investment for any company - it could also be a chance for a start-up.


Article by DB Schenker

In this article, the german logistics company DB Schenker talks about how logistic processes can benefit from Augmented Reality.

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