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Zoos are one of the most classic ways of family entertainment. While controversial, and rightfully so, the animals and their behaviors are fascinating.

A zoo AR app could display images, 3D scans or models, videos, and sounds of these animals on demand, wherever you want.


No animals need to get harmed, imprisoned, or tortured for an AR Zoo visit. It’s morally ‘safe’ and justifiable to show your kids the beauty of nature without subconsciously normalizing animal cruelty. It also allows for spontaneous family time, whenever your schedule allows for it, no driving and no planning required. Of course, actual zoos could also use the technology to augment the experience.


A point can be made that, to watch virtual animals, a quick google search can be enough. 

And besides, isn’t nature the interesting part about seeing animals in the zoo? Can a digital representation really replace that? In the case of real zoos: Isn’t it part of the experience to get away from digital media?

Take Away

Augmented reality zoos could have huge benefits for education for kids. Their unrestrained excitement and curiosity are exactly what these apps trigger. While maybe not a perfect replacement for a real-life elephant, they can very much be a good, animal-friendly alternative for children.


Big Cat Rescue

The Big Cat Rescue opened the first ever full Augmented Reality Zoo in Florida.

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