· · Creative innovator develops mask recognition using artificial intelligence

Creative innovator develops mask recognition using artificial intelligence


    The corona crisis has brought about challenges and changes in many areas of life. But not everything has to be negative. The digital market in particular has also generated a lot of innovations due to the crisis. This is not surprising, as many people became increasingly dependent on the Internet from one day to the next. While companies like Amazon or Zoom are of course among the big winners, some smaller providers have also managed to create very innovative solutions.

    The crisis has also generated new ideas in Germany. The engineer and creative technologist Matthias Hamann and his team have developed a simple app that can determine whether someone is wearing a mask or not. The app uses what is known as deep learning to recognize a wide variety of masks.

    The app was created as an experiment in just one day. It shows some technical possibilities that can be implemented with deep learning and JavaScript. While the app cannot be used in the real world at its current stage, it does show that such technology could be used in future crisis situations. After all, many scientists agree that COVID-19 is unlikely to be the last pandemic.

    For the development of this browser app, the team relies on a conventional webcam for visual input. In the background, the app uses classic web technologies coupled with TensorFlow.JS (Open Source Machine Learning Library).

    Possible areas of application are public transport or stores. In places where a mask is required, access could even be automatically restricted. One look into a camera and the system knows whether the person is wearing a mask. If so, the barrier opens. The same principle could be used for smaller businesses.

    About Matthias Hamann

    Matthias Hamann and his team develop innovative solutions for the web, augmented reality and Industry 4.0. Hamann has been working with customers in aviation, industry and e-commerce since 2010.

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