We bring together marketing, design and modern tech – to deliver completely new solutions.

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Together and on a level playing field with you, we create ideas and concrete solutions for developing, enhancing or digitally marketing your products. Our deep understanding of technology combined with our strategic way of thinking and creativity are what make us welcome guests among renowned companies.


What we do – at a glance

Digital marketing strategies, digital concepts, online marketing, consultation on creative matters, workshops

Websites, Web shops, strategy and development of content.

Augmented reality
Augmented reality apps, mixed reality apps, WebAR

App development
UI/UX design, front-end development, back-end development, configurations

Prototype development, minimum viable products (MVP), technology scouting/evaluation

Sensor-based apps, installations for trade fairs and retail, deep learning, object recognition

We are inclined to go further

Letting premium speakers present themselves? Controlling real control units from a plane in a virtual cabin? Using gaming engines for product presentations in retail? Recognising objects using artificial intelligence? Expanding Web shops with augmented reality objects? Or simply developing a really brilliant website?

If all this sounds interesting to you, we’re the right team for your project.

nice-System Website Projekt Vorschau


The very proactive team headed by Matthias did a great job and realized our AR application in just nine weeks from scratch. Just great and a lot of fun.

Lukas Bucher

Head of Product Connectivity
Lufthansa Technik AG

This application set the de facto standard for other apps here in the Customer Definition Center.


A350 Customer Definition Center
Airbus SE (Hamburg site)

Wer sehen möchte, wie seine Marke oder sein Produkt sich im digitalen Raum weiter entfaltet, besser erklärt oder ungeahnt aktiviert, der sollte Matthias Hamann und sein Team treffen.

Jessica Güngör

Inhaberin, Creative Consultant

This microsite exceeds all our expectations and was developed much faster than at a big agency.

Gerolf Dietel

Manager Product Placement
Lufthansa Technik AG

I haven’t experienced such a perfect ‘exhibit’ as the sound demo in ten years. It was not only a great idea – it was executed to 100%. Great sound, great presentation!

Philip von Schröter

Head of Business Units, Product Division Original Equipment Innovation
Lufthansa Technik AG

We were convinced by the innovative ideas, a very client-centric approach and the bundled competence in a small team.

Jan-Alexander Otto

Project Manager „A350 Marketing“
Lufthansa Technik AG

Strategy first

We know how brands work. Which is why we leverage technology only where it truly provides added value. Before we design or develop anything, we first want to understand it. So, at the start of every project, we always ask questions and think holistically, making the goals and the strategies for achieving those goals our main focus. No strategy, no success – it’s as easy as that.

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Are we an agency?
Yes, no – maybe so

Some call us an agency, others don’t. We’re something in between. Regardless of what you call us, we clearly offer services at an agency level and beyond, and frequently have an advantageous cost structure. Only those team members are on board of a project who we truly need. We often work in threes or fives, and every now and again in ten. As a consultant and concept creator, however, I’m also often out on my own.

Find out more about my team and me, how we work and what the media is saying about us on our home page and under About.

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