Inairvation and Studio F. A. Porsche

Special edition website for a design study

For the jointly developed design study by Inairvation GmbH and the renowned Studio F. A. Porsche, we produced an elaborate special edition website that staged the design process in an emotional and fascinating way.

Inairvation GmbH

Project period:
2 months

Target medium:

Team members:

Studio F. A. Porsche Chair Case Study Website Layout

Studio F. A. Porsche stands for exceptional design.

Over the course of the collaboration between both companies, a plethora of material was created – both finalized renderings of a VIP plane seat as well as illustrations of entire business jet cabins. We then used these images to cast the creative process behind the seat design in a comprehensive case study.

Studio F. A. Porsche Case Study Website Aufbau Übersicht
Studio F. A. Porsche Case Study Website Aufbau Übersicht

First, we determined the basic aspects of the content and the structure of the special edition website together with Inairvation GmbH. During the conceptualization phase, the proximity of our copywriters to Studio F. A. Porsche in Berlin, Germany, helped. They were just a stroll away from the designers, who were interviewed in their office at the Spree River.

Smartphone Layout Mockup
Smartphone Layout Mockup
Smartphone Layout Mockup

We then designed a look and feel featuring lots of white space that enabled the combination of alternating copy and images.

All the stakeholders were convinced of the result, which generated the desired media attention.


Idea and conceptualization

Project management



UI / UX design


Web development

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